When Given a Chance

Mrs. ALIOU Ramatou is 39 years old and is married with six children. Four of her children are going to school. She is a hairdresser and also has a small micro-business of various products. She is member of JESUSEDE trustbank. From February 2011 to August 2012, she received a total amount of 450.000 FCFA saying… Read more »

Excause Private School

EXAUCE Private School received a loan from MEDIC Benin to improve the training conditions of the pupils. This school is located in a village at Porto-Novo (Republic of Benin). The vision of MEDIC Benin in this area is to help the promoters to train the children in a better condition which included the grant of… Read more »

Working Together

Mr. Agbeko Djako is married and has 4 children. He is a driver who has been without a job for three years. He has a motorbike that he was using for taxi, but, his motor had broken down. Upon hearing about MEDIC, he joined the Changement Nouveau Trust Bank and was elected president. He followed… Read more »

Empowering Independence

Mrs. Blandine Amou married with children, was buying and selling jewels (cheap junk), plastic implements (utensils), cosmetics and dried fishes four years ago. This business was not procuring enough incomes to satisfy her family needs. Fortunately, she heard about MEDIC Benin and applied to the AD Womey Trust Bank. She got a first loan of… Read more »

Making it a Reality

Mrs. Yvette Alofa, married with children, sells cloths, cereal, and maize. Her business was developing, but, three years ago, her activities had gone into bankruptcy because of motherhood and sickness. She was living in miserable conditions and was not able to take care of her children. When she heard MEDIC Benin, she entered in AD… Read more »

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