Empowering Independence

Mrs. Blandine Amou married with children, was buying and selling jewels (cheap junk), plastic implements (utensils), cosmetics and dried fishes four years ago. This business was not procuring enough incomes to satisfy her family needs.
Fortunately, she heard about MEDIC Benin and applied to the AD Womey Trust Bank. She got a first loan of 50.000 F CFA ($111.11 USD) to be repaid in six months. At the end of the repayment, she got a second loan of 80.000 F CFA ($177.78 USD) with a six month repayment plan.
After these loans, her profit passed from 18.000 F CFA per month ($40.00 USD) to 30.000 F CFA ($66.67 USD) per month. She repaid her loans correctly and her business provided enough income to satisfy her family needs.
Blandine is very happy with this financial support from MEDIC Benin.