“The definition of poverty changes every day and it varies from place to place but the truth is about half the world – almost 3 billion people live on less than $2.00 a day.”

Seeing Things Differently

Living in poverty is not by choice, but is a result of circumstances. It is not just about income and the inability to meet one’s basic needs, but the denial of access to education, opportunity, meaningful employment, and a sense of belonging and dignity.

Imagine a world where individuals are able to go beyond the day-to-day struggle of survival to having encouragement to recognize their strength and skills and choices to create a path of opportunity for a better future.

To realize these opportunities, we partner with investors and donors to offer micro-financing opportunities for new entrepreneurs, empowering them to generate and increase income for their families.


Taking a Positive Approach

The key to unlocking the potential for social change and building lasting sustainable ventures is in showing individuals to take a positive approach. Participation is encouraged as we believe that our clients have the right to make decisions that ultimately will affect their lives.

Educating, Engaging and Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Our innovative training programs and one-on-one mentoring provides inspiration and valuable advice to help our clients understand the common issues faced when starting and growing a business in their community. It provides them with the essential skills and knowledge in every aspect of business planning, financial management and operational control. We are committed to see our clients achieve success and continuous growth.

Building Futures Together

Our Community Building Strategic Approach focuses on issues that are critical to each community in order to help improve the social and economic conditions of those in need. We have created practical solutions by promoting change at the grass roots level as we collaborate with the communities to evaluate their needs through our projects.


Investing in Women

1Improving social and economic opportunities for women improves societies as a whole. We invest in women by giving them the knowledge and skills to run successful farms and businesses, empowering them to raise healthier, better educated children, contribute financially to their families, communities and countries. Every women needs to believe in herself and realize she can make a difference.

Health Activities

3Every man, woman and child has the right to basic healthcare. Lack of nutritious food and access to clean water and sanitation makes people more vulnerable to malnutrition, infection and disease.  We provide education on basic health and nutrition issues and increase the availability of healthcare services and medicines as we work with communities to promote healthier living conditions.

Education For All

4Many talented children are at risk of never getting a proper education. Every day in many developing countries some 69 million primary school-age children are unable to attend school. We have created Burst of Sunshine child sponsorship program to help raise the necessary funds to finance a child’s education. Our MicroLoans help to build new private schools or expansion on existing schools.



Growth in agriculture with strong connections to markets has the potential to reduce poverty and improve social development for the majority of rural communities. Working together with local entrepreneurs and farmers we provide training and support to help transform agricultural productivity.

Leadership – Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

5Leadership Development provides experiences that inspire and help individuals to develop an understanding of themselves, their community and their role in it. We have trained individuals to be engaged, committed, and highly productive to work alongside our Field Directors who play a key role in our mission in sustaining social and economic development.