Building sustainable communities with Hope for the Future, through the provision of financial, educational, medical and spiritual living which ultimately eliminates poverty.

Our Four Pillars


We believe that poverty is an issue which society faces each day. It is a constant struggle that cannot be ignored. Our micro enterprise development program is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to ensure that all people attain a better standard of living. Having opportunities through micro loans, community development and agribusiness projects provides an innovative financial solution for the transformation of individuals, families, communities and ultimately nations.


We believe that education is the basic building block of every society. By investing in additional teachers, new schools, early childhood development programs, community-based school management and child and teacher sponsorships is the key to alleviating poverty.  The Medic Benin Scholarship Fund is a new program that has great promise for improving the level of education in Benin, and at the same time, adding to our micro-loan enterprise development program.


We believe that health is a pillar of sustainable development and enables people to fully participate in their family, community and society. Our mission is to supply rural pharmacies and clinics with medicine, supplies and equipment to improve the health care conditions. Our aim is to provide community education programs on principles of hygiene, prevention of sickness and disease, and improvement of sanitary conditions.


We believe that throughout history, people who have faith, hope, and love have proven stronger than the ills that befall them. We hope to inspire the spiritual growth and life purpose to whomever we reach.