MEDIC’s dedicated team includes a host of talented business, pastoral, economic and community development professionals with experience in managing economic development organizations, international business, agribusiness projects and community development projects. Our entire global community, including our staff, board, and advisors are integral to the success of implementing our mission.

MEDIC Canada
Supporting Affiliate of MEDIC International

Brian Daniel Nallathamby
Daniel was born in Sri Lanka to parents of Indian descent. After spending some short years in Sri Lanka, India and Sweden he moved to the United States in 1991. While in the US, Daniel achieved a Bachelor degree in Cultural Studies.
Having been raised in a culture where dogmas are forged to satisfy the needs of the affluent which is bitterly contrary to Daniel’s beliefs, he sought a way to make a difference. Daniel had a vision since he was a child to find some degree of help for the marginalized children in poverty stricken nations of the world. His passion was to bring representation to the voiceless and to inspire and change the mindset of the generationally poor. His greatest desire is to help deliver people from the cycle of poverty.

Through a series of events or in Daniel’s own words “Divine appointment”, this childhood pursuit to help people overcome poverty and create sustainable economic independence lead him to meet some incredible individuals. Daniel met Businessman & Economist Larry Lalo with whom he shared his vision and the plan was put in action to found MEDIC International. Three other individuals were added to the board of directors were David Daniels, Pauline Hoare & Dr. Robin Knudsen. They became the founders of MEDIC!!

Dorothy Douglass
Dorothy Douglass and her husband have served many years in missions. Living in Russia for 10 years where they were involved in church planting and an agriculture business as a platform for being in rural areas. They learned many things about business in other cultures and have a real heart to see people empowered spiritually as well as practically. She is excited about being involved in a sustainable mission effort to reach the nations of the world.

Nancy Johnston
Nancy and her husband have been married nearly 40 years and have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. When they were first married they worked for Mennonite Central Committee in voluntary service at the Abbotsford BC warehouse for 2 years. They helped package and ship relief supplies to needy areas in the world and helped with the self-help program which involved selling items from other countries to create a market for them. They owned and operated an equipment rental business for several years. In recent years, they have been to Cuba several times with the Nazarene Church and helped raise funds to build a local church and house for a pastoral family.

We became involved with MEDIC Canada because we heard stories of how microfinance and the trust bank model have helped many people start businesses and through this they are able to support and educate themselves and their families. By investing in and supporting MEDIC, we know that people are given a chance to attain sustainability.

Barbara Weins
Barbara Weins brings to MEDIC Canada many years of small business experience. Her and her husband Elwin, have owned and operated several small retail businesses over the past 25 years. Barbara also spent time on the mission field in India, with a music and drama team. In her local area, she has served as a board member with Loaves and Fishes, a local ministry for the homeless. Upon her retirement in Feb 2014, Barbara was approached to join the board of MEDIC Canada. She looks forward to all the new challenges ahead of her as a new board member.

Larry Lallo
Larry Lallo is a graduate of Tiffin University receiving an MBA with honors in 2002, and holds an undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Akron. Larry also is a Certified Economic Developer with the International Economic Development Council, and presently consults in Economic Development, Real Estate Development and Non-profit management.

From 1997-2002, Larry helped on Mercy Ships, ocean vessels that provide health care to poor port communities around the world. His experience taught him the value of sustainable activities, putting something into place that can continue after the missionaries move on. Larry is one of the co-founders of MEDIC and helped raise $20,000 to launch its first trust bank in Benin, West Africa and soon after it duplicated its program in nearby Ghana. The impact of the Trust Banks goes beyond helping a few hundred people feed their families; Larry says it can change the course of a nation.

MEDIC International

President:  Larry Lallo, MBA CEcd
Vice President:  Dr. Robin Knudsen, D.V.M.
Treasurer/Secretary:  Daniel Nallathamby, BA
Director of Operations:  Dan Capps, Business Owner

Implementing Affiliates

Each Implementing Affiliate has its own local board of directors and staff, but is a legal subsidiary of MEDIC Canada.

Christophe Alexandre ADANDE, M.Sc
Executive Director of MEDIC Benin
National Affiliate Director, Executive Board Member of MEDIC International
Mr. ADANDE Christophe Alexandre was born at Porto-Novo (Benin-West Africa) in 1964. He is an economist with a banking degree and was graduated from the Institut National d’Economie (Cotonou) and the Ecole Nationale d’Economie Appliquee et de Management. He is a consultant for international investors in Benin and has consulted with the World Bank and the Delegation of European Union on several projects in Benin (West Africa).

Mr. Christophe Alexandre ADANDE joined MEDIC in 2004 and became National Director of MEDIC Benin in 2005 and West Africa Executive Director in 2009. He strongly believes that poverty can be a story in the life of the pores and is working hard through Education and microfinance assistances to empower these pores so that they can change their live. He has executed for MEDIC several missions of implementation of microfinance program in its affiliates in Africa, Asia and America.

Esther Oman-Ashun, BA
Executive Director of MEDI Ghana
Executive Board Member of MEDIC International
Esther is a seasoned manager with several years of work experience in the banking sector, specifically in SME Credit Relationship Management. In Ghana, she has been Regional Manager (Marketing) in two well established and thriving pharmaceutical organizations and held positions in marketing. She also has training in credit management, marketing, customer service, human relationship management, and leadership.

Esther is an effective communicator, proactive team player with evidence of strong business leadership, and also highly ambitious with a passion for excellence. It is also worth noting that Esther works in a strong professional and ethical manner. She is married with 3 children.

Kossivi ATIVI
Executive Director of MEDIC Togo
Kossivi ATIVI is a sociologist and is married with three children. He has been involved in many Christian organizations. He served for 3 years as Executive Secretary for Handicaps and Prisoners’ Aid International Center in charge of projects, minors’ prisoners and street children. He then for 5 years was a consultant with the Assemblies of God Laity Association dealing with rural development and evangelism.

In 2004 MEDIC crossed his path and since then the journey continues


D. Franklin Lawrence, LL.B.
Managing Trustee

Franklin Lawrence is an electrical engineer. He holds a degree in law and is also a social worker in the local areas. He is a coordinator for many NGO’s and Christian organizations.