India is the seventh-largest country by area and second-largest by population. Agriculture is not only the dominant occupation of the people of India but is also one of the most important economic sectors for the country.

Even though the country has been successful over the past decade in reducing poverty, there are still more than 300 million people living in poverty. Many of these people live in the rural areas where shortage of water and recurrent drought has affected their livelihood.

Most disadvantaged are women who have inadequate health care, high level of illiteracy and extremely limited access to social services and financial resources.

Medic India established the Women’s Welfare Program in 2001. This program has been implemented for the wellbeing of women, especially in rural areas and it aims at empowering women socially and economically. It provides entrepreneur training that will enable women to be self-employed. The impact of this program has been very successful in regards to health, education and employment. As of 2020, MEDIC India is in a hold pattern, waiting for businesses to reopen in India and relaunch their micro loan program.

Thank you MEDIC Canada for your support!