Our most Recent Trip to Africa

We so enjoyed our two weeks visiting our Medic family and micro finance business’s in Togo and Benin.  We have faithful employees ,that we are so proud of.

We would love to see more finances deployed on the field to help women and children feed their families and get them into school.  What a wonderful opportunity Medic has over the past 20 years of servicing over 50,000 loans per year.

Experiencing the new village well donated by the Johnston family.

Also the village church, meeting our Medic Board members at a wonderful hotel in Benin where we stayed.


Christopher has established a solar farm three hours outside of the capital city.  Medic Benin will be growing winter crops under irrigation plus summer crops like Cassava.  We hope to turn the profits into helping the orphan and widows with school sponsorship, food and resources, plus raise funds to dig more wells.


People are always open to prayer and love to worship and dance before our King Jesus.  What a honor to join them.