A Hope For a Better Future

MEDIC Togo is near completion of  a water well drilling project in the village of Kologo (pop. 1350). They are very glad and ask for a church. Once again, thanks for helping achieve this great and living well. They told the people this water is for the earth and we’ll add eternal water for the… Read more »

Overcoming Obstacles

When Elom Ladjebo arrived at the Africa Mercy, she was excited and hopeful. She was elated when Mercy Ships provided a free surgery to remove the tumor from her neck – the deformity that had branded her as a social outcast. But when she returned home, reality met her. She felt tired and defeated when… Read more »

Purpose-filled Business

Akouvi Deto`s husband was without a job. She didn’t have any money to start a micro business and was living in poor conditions with her four children. She heard about MEDIC and she joined the Abigael group with the Trust Bank Jesus est Vainqueur. She followed the training and applied for a loan. She received… Read more »

First Step to Success

Adjo Garedjisso heard about MEDIC while recovering from surgery at the Mercy Ships Hospitality Center. She came to Mercy Ships with tumors in her wrists. Successful surgery removed the tumors, and now she is going back to work. “I heard about the loan, but I was skeptical. When I found out that my husband didn’t… Read more »

Beyond Micro Loans

We purchased a brand new mini-van MPV Junior III 7 seater for the purpose to create a captial investment. MEDIC VAN purchase was meant for passenger hiring, catering to a carefully selected clientel. In addition to renting out for passengers, we are enhancing our income opportunities, aiming at the tourist trade where we hope to… Read more »

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