First Step to Success

Adjo Garedjisso heard about MEDIC while recovering from surgery at the Mercy Ships Hospitality Center. She came to Mercy Ships with tumors in her wrists. Successful surgery removed the tumors, and now she is going back to work.

“I heard about the loan, but I was skeptical. When I found out that my husband didn’t have to guarantee the loan, I knew this was a good idea for me. It is a Trust Bank — we must trust each other to repay. That encourages us all to do our part,” Adjo says.

Adjo’s current business plan is being a traveling saleswoman. She sells second-hand goods door-to-door. In the classes, she will learn the benefits of having a storefront over being a traveling saleswoman.

Adjo attended her first training session soon after signing up for the program. She learned that transformation is a key component when participating with MEDIC. Adjo learned about the benefits of being part of a group. Her micro loan group is there for prayer and friendship. Group members will lean on one another and work through difficult times together. They will form strong bonds, tied together by the mutual commitment to help one another to succeed.