Purpose-filled Business

Akouvi Deto`s husband was without a job. She didn’t have any money to start a micro business and was living in poor conditions with her four children. She heard about MEDIC and she joined the Abigael group with the Trust Bank Jesus est Vainqueur. She followed the training and applied for a loan. She received a loan of $100.00 USD. Akouvi used $20.00 USD to weed her farm and sow maize and $80.00 USD was used for her micro business of various articles.

Her various articles business is bringing enough income for the repayment of the loan she received and to take care of her family, particularly her children who are going to school.

Each part of the maize she has been able to harvest and sell for about $44.40 USD. She also farms cassava that she has been successful at selling.

She is so thankful for the loan program and takes pride in knowing that she can supply her family’s needs.