Queensland School

The Queensland school is situated in the heart of the Agbobloshie market, an area in the city of Accra. These inhabitants are in the class of society where the standard of living is low.

The school is privately owned and managed by Paulina Nlandon together with her 2 sons. Her objective for setting up the school is to help provide education for kids whose parents are unable to afford basic education. The total enrolment of the school is 230 students. Among these, 10 students are given free education by the Management of school due to their financial circumstance.

The school building was in a poor state of repairs and needed urgent attention to ensure the safety and comfort of the students. The head teacher started constructing additional classrooms to accommodate the students; however due to insufficient funds the project had been abandoned.

The Private School Loan Program was given to help finance construction, purchase of educational supplies and other capital expenditures An amount of $1,163.10 (from Rotary Club of Olds) was donated to the school to construct a second bathroom, fix banisters on the stairway, add 2 additional classrooms and complete wall structures to protect from rain and sunshine.

The school has great prospects of growth and the management team are passionate about their work and have the necessary skills and abilities to run the school. They use the school proceeds to pay the teachers a decent wage and also provide the school with as much as they can.