Life Transforming Experience

matilda's imageMatilda’s story is similar to several women out there struggling to provide basic needs for their families. The future looked almost bleak with very little support from a spouse who earned a monthly income of about $50. She joined our micro loan program in the year 2010 and successfully graduated from our six-week Micro Business Training Program. She started her business as a table-top petty trader.

However, through our micro loan program, Matilda has been able to expand her business after four (4) loan cycles. The first loan cycle enabled her to open a shop, with the second loan cycle she acquired a second shop. She has also expanded her product line to include confectionery and baby care products.

Matilda now feels empowered as a woman and has become a great support to her family. Her story has inspired other women like herself to believe in themselves and to overcome all social barriers.
Matilda has been faithful in her borrowing relationship with MEDI Ghana. Her business demands have increased with the growth and expansion of her business (from a previous net worth of about $250 USD to a current net worth of $3,000 USD). With additional capital investments into Medi Ghana, we expect to enhance the relationship by granting larger facilities to her and several others like her.