Karu Tuk Tuk

Lame due to a physical condition that has put him at a disadvantage in going about his day to day chores, Karunaratne has been struggling to support his family until relief came to them in the form of a micro-loan from MEDIC Lanka. Today, they are ever grateful to God for the financial assistance they received from MEDIC Lanka which enabled them to open a grocery stall about two and a half years ago.

Fondly known as ‘Karu’ among his circle of friends and patrons, this client has been seeking ways and means to make a suitable living for his family. Due mainly to the micro-finance support Karu received from MEDIC, he has been able to improve his small grocery venture into a sizeable food outlet that caters to a variety of retail needs of the factory workers and other low income level residents in the vicinity.

Undeterred by his handicap, Karu applied to us for a 2nd stage loan to purchase a brand new 3wheeler, after the completion of his first loan. His vision was to own a tuk-tuk 3wheeler, the common man’s favorite mode of transport, largely used by low income people as a taxi for their travel. After due consideration of his faithfulness in paying up the first loan, and carefully assessing the progress of the retail business he was carrying on, the loan was approved by the MEDIC Lanka board. Thus, the brand new 3wheeler MEDIC Lanka purchased for a cost of $3500 CDN, was for a person like Karu, something he could never ever dream of owning in his life time.

He uses this tuk-tuk to transport school children, office staff, and even as an emergency ambulance to the needy, in addition to using the vehicle to transport the items needed for his own shop. He also boosts the family income by hiring the vehicle on various occasions. With the kind of progress made, Karu and his family has now moved into their own house and the extra income has helped the family to provide better educational facilities for their only son. They give glory to God and much satisfaction to their benefactor, MEDIC Lanka.