Making a Difference

Mrs. HOSSOU Ahissou, 60 years old and widowed, made the trade of cassava that procured her sufficiently of incomes before. But brutally, her children had fallen sick and her mam died. Then, she spent all her incomes and fell in a total bankruptcy.

She ended up getting a small financial support which allowed her to start a small activity of transformation of cassava and preparation of soap. This support was so insignificant that the activity didn’t procure her sufficient income for the satisfaction of her elementary needs, nor those of her customers that became more and more important.

She heard of MEDIC Benin and adhered to the trust bank of Tori. She followed formations to the exit of which she got a credit of $80.00 USD.

And now her turnover passed from $60.00 USD per month to $200.00 USD per month. She repays correctly her credit and has a savings of $10.00 USD per month. She also provides the needs of other small children whose parents are having financial difficulty. She is very happy with this support of MEDIC Benin .