School at Oyibi

Ena Demonstation School is situated at Oyibi Estate and has an enrollment of about 200 children. It runs a primary school schedule in an 8 classroom building. The management of the school has plans to relocate to a bigger location at a community next to Oyibi. Construction is in process and we plan to support… Read more »

A Change for the Better

Madam Mabel Aniable is a dressmaker and married with four children. Mabel was given a loan of $350 USD. Before she received the loan, she had a financial burden of caring for her family. The loan has helped her to purchase sewing accessories and fabrics which has expanded her operations and increased her income. Now,… Read more »

Community Impact

Mr. Victor Narteh is the one of the leaders of the Bawaleshie Trust Bank. He was granted a facility of $500 USD. He lives with his wife and his children and grandchildren in a big family house. He used the funds to complete the construction of a public toilet facility in the community. For several… Read more »

Successful Expansion

Madam Felicia Narteh lives in Bawaleshie with her husband, 5 children and one dependant. Madam Felicia has been running a small local restaurant in the community for several years. She took a loan from Medi Ghana in an amount of $400 USD. The loan was used to expand the building structure of the local restaurant… Read more »

Queensland School

The Queensland school is situated in the heart of the Agbobloshie market, an area in the city of Accra. These inhabitants are in the class of society where the standard of living is low. The school is privately owned and managed by Paulina Nlandon together with her 2 sons. Her objective for setting up the… Read more »

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