Building a Thriving Business

Mrs. AGBODJINOU Jos├ęphine, 42 years old and widow with 4 children, sold seasonings. But, after her husband’s death, she fell in bankruptcy and had to stop her commercial activities completely. She lived with difficulty until she heard about MEDIC Benin. She integrated into the trust bank of TORI and followed all dispensed formations.

At the exit of these formations, she got a credit of $60.00 USD which allowed her to start a merchandising activity with fish, seasoning and the transformation of walnut of palm in red oil.

Her business has been such a success in providing for her family.
Her turnover turns around $120.00 USD per month. After the repayment of her credit that she does without fail she achieves a profit of $24.00 USD per month of which a part is reinvested in her activities.

Otherwise, she succeeds in providing to the needs of her children a little bit. She projects to solicit, after the total repayment of the first credit, a more important loan near MEDIC in order to better satisfy the demand of her customers and also to better provide to the needs of her children.