Sri Lanka was named as the number one destination in the world to visit. It is a small island consisting of a multi-religious, multi-ethnic society. With a remarkable combination of spectacular scenery, tea plantations, magnificent white beaches rich culture and wealthy urban areas there is another side to the story. It is a country with many social and economic difficulties, where an estimate of 46% lives on less than $2 a day, and the largest concentration of poverty are in the remote rural areas

A vision to empower people by creating opportunity to overcome poverty, MEDIC Lanka was launched in the early part of 2002. We were very much instrumental in helping tsunami victims with relief and rehabilitation, then resettlement by helping many of them with livelihood projects.

MEDIC Lanka has undertaken relief and rehabilitation activities in the form of providing essential provisions and medical assistance, repairing damaged shelters to slum dwellers and fishing communities affected by ethnic riots and cyclone damages. In response to growing incidents of child abuse in a poverty stricken populace, MEDIC Lanka has set up special programs catering to children’s educational and social economic needs. We provide both therapy and resources to assist parents in this area.

MEDIC Lanka Children’s Ministry Programs for 2013 turned out to be a memorable blessing giving MEDIC Lanka School Gift Parcels for over 250 school kids from nine different regions in various parts of the country.

MEDIC Lanka has been such a blessing to many children, families and communities.