Building better futures together is at the heart of MEDIC Canada’s investment strategy. We are a community of individuals, institutions, corporate sector and foundations that believe by committing meaningful dollars to impact investing will create opportunity and positive change in communities we serve.

Our mission-driven investment program focuses on positive social impact to provide start-up funding for early-stage businesses. It is a way to channel public and private investments to those who do not have access to strong financial markets and services.

Our team of investment professionals have successfully capitalized on generous donations to impact locally and internationally investments. In turn, we help entrepreneurs to build the necessary foundation, and facilitate them in acquiring the skills to be successful.

Our portfolio of mission-related investments earn a financial return with a 100% repayment rate to our investors. Recycling all our investment returns provides us the opportunity to increase the impact of every dollar we receive by investing in new or expanding enterprises.

For more information on our investment program contact us at Local: 403-598-0982 or Email:

Rural Impact

iStock_000031201194MediumOur rural capital portfolio is about building self-sustaining vibrant communities.  It invests in seed-stage entrepreneurs launching ventures with a social and economic impact.  It helps women and men ignite their opportunity to earn their own living and improve their quality of life.


educationBy investing in a portfolio of solutions we enable schools to expand their facilities and building infrastructure to meet the demand for better yet affordable education. It allows us to provide capital in the form of market-rate, medium term loan to private sector schools.


agricultureOur investments enables the small-scale farmers to become more successful. Improvement of technical support, storing and processing operations, efficient access to agriculture inputs and markets will substantially increase productivity and income.


medicalThere is no shortage of investment opportunity in quality healthcare and health services. We support a range of innovative solutions providing healthcare services and products to low-income families.