Education Loan Program

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Education is essential for growth, empowerment, and self-determination to help prepare every student for their next step in life. It has the potential to end the spread of poverty from generation to generation. Schools are not just a place where one learns to read. It provides structure and support and is committed to helping students reach their fullest potential.

Private schools in rural and urban areas are playing very useful roles in the educational system in many developing countries by supporting governments in their commitment to providing quality education for all. Most of these schools have, however, dilapidated structures and makeshift buildings that need to be rebuilt. Access to safe drinking water, toilet facilities, latrines and proper school room furnishings are rare to find. Due to their lack of access to financial assistance from the traditional banks limits their ability to improve on their operations.

Our educational loan program has been tailored to help private schools gain new access to finance which allows them to operate more effectively. Our flexible payment terms enables these institutions to realize dreams that they once thought was impossible to achieve. There have been no defaults in our supported loans to 13 schools with combined enrollment of about 2000 students. Demand for additional loans are high. Help us build a lasting market for private school financing to increase access for quality education for future generations.

Building Repairs and Improvements

  • Renovation of existing school building
  • Construction of additional classrooms and new toilet facilities
  • Purchase of equipment and furniture
  • Purchase of hardware or software content projectors, computers, etc

School Management Leadership Development

Leadership training opportunities are available for school management to ensure they have the skills and tools for decision making in solving of educational issues such as:

  • Managing school infrastructure improvements
  • School finances
  • Curriculum development
  • School performance evaluations

Creative Workshops 4 Teachers
We create opportunities for teachers to come together to attend workshops to address the complex challenges emerging in the different areas within the region and to integrate relevant experiences. A series of interactive and highly-collaborative sessions are offered to enhance effective teaching methods and professional development.



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