Opening Up the Interior

  . It is with great excitement that Togo has acquired a truck in order to move goods and money into the interior of their country. The addition of this truck came through donations and money earned by their organisation. They are now known in the city of Lome because of the bright colour of… Read more »

New Partnership

In 2019, we launched a partnership with MIVE-FINANCE in order to have full registration in the country of Benin. We are currently able to offer micro-finance loans and continue to have a staff on the ground. The above photograph shows the executive director, Christopher Adande (far right), with the rest of the board members for… Read more »

Help for Children

MEDIC Canada continues to sponsor children and orphanages in Benin. Funds were used to pay school fees, uniform, tutors and food at the school. Two children under the cow project family were attending school, but due to lack of funds, had to later withdraw from their studies. When the MEDIC Canada delegation arrived in Benin… Read more »